What is NBN?

You may have heard a lot about NBN network over the course of the last few months and there will be even more information concerning the imminent NBN rollout in the near future.

The NBN (or National Broadband Network, to give its full name), is a modern broadband infrastructure that is currently being installed across Australia to replace the older, existing telephony network that is presently used to gain access to the internet.

In short, the old copper wire network that was being used is now close to the end of its effective life and is being swapped out to an NBN wireless system.

This has meant replacing it with a combination of fibre-optics, satellite and fixed-wireless connections that have been designed to provide much faster network speeds than are presently standard when using older ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ or other similarly aging systems to connect to the internet.

Why do I need to connect to the NBN network?

One of the most important things to know concerning the availability of these new NBN wireless deals is that switching across to a new NBN ready service is not automatic.

The majority of internet services that you currently enjoy will be permanently disconnected if your household has not made arrangements with one of the RSP’s (Retail Service Providers) who are advertising their various NBN price plans and packages before the final NBN deadline date.

This makes it essential to select a new NBN deal that suits your home requirements sooner rather than later to avoid any disruption to your internet and landline facilities.

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How do I connect to the NBN?

While you can always make a free call to speak to one of our dedicated Internet Brokers for the best NBN tariffs and broadband plans currently available, you can also find additional information and guidelines concerning the NBN rollout deadline and how this will affect you and your household, along any other questions that you may need answers to, in the following sections.

Internet Monster is always available to help answer these questions, and unlike many NBN comparison sites, our teams of professional Internet Brokers are constantly searching for the latest up-to-the-minute NBN price changes and special offers across a wide range of multiple NBN suppliers, comparing them for the fairest and clearest advice that we can provide. We then pass those savings on to our customers looking to compare NBN plans.

At Internet Monster, we don’t just look for the best NBN plans, or examine for only the cheap NBN packages, but strive to find the options that will be the perfect fit for your home broadband usage and the internet requirements of yourself and your family, cutting down the overall NBN package costs to you in the long-term.

Our agents are experts in this area and are always here to find answers to any of the question you may have about the NBN rollout. Each one is committed to offering clear, practical advice tailored to the unique needs of every single individual that we talk to.

NBN Connection Speeds?

Something else that is very important to consider when you compare NBN plans and look into the top NBN service providers is what NBN speed may be best for your needs. At present, there are four NBN speeds that are available to consumers.

These are most commonly advertised as NBN Speed Tiers and each has its own specific speed that will provide customers with their maximum upload and download rates, usually explained in Mbps (Megabits per second). This is where things can get complicated for the uninitiated, or for those of us that don’t have time to waste investigating conflicting data and information that is being advertised by the assortment of companies that are NBN suppliers.

There is no industry standard for the terms, speeds and package names being used by NBN service providers when promoting their options to consumers and some even refer solely to maximum evening NBN speeds in the information provided about their best NBN plans, which may not always be a total picture of the NBN network service you will be using through the course of a normal day. All this is worth keeping in mind when looking to compare NBN provider reviews and looking into for the best NBN speed tier package for you.

The simplest way to find out the most accurate and impartial advice on some of the best NBN deals and informative recommendations that clearly explain how the NBN tiers work is to contact Internet Monster and speak to a member of our Internet Broker team. They will always offer clear and simple advice about various top NBN providers allowing customers who take advantage of our free service information and assistance about many of the best NBN plans on the market.

What happens if i don’t connect to any NBN provider?

It is vital that you have your new internet services in place before the disconnection date that you have been advised of, due to the delays and disruption that may be caused by other households that delayed signing up to an NBN package until the last minute, or even after the notified NBN disconnection date.

There will be a full disconnection of the following services:

  • Network and ISP telephone landline services
  • Any landline and other home phone services that are currently being provided across older copper phone lines.
  • All existing ADSL, ADSL2 & ADSL2+ services will be disconnected, no matter the present provider of these packages.
  • All cable internet services.
  • Other provisions that support cable internet and phone services and that require a cable line.

Existing services that will remain in use:

Limited Home Phone Lines

Limited home phone lines

Households and premises that are currently delivered the internet via Fixed-Wireless, and Satellite connection services (via Sky Muster TM) across copper networks but within the NBN network, will be offered the option to continue using these services or to swap across to a modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that makes use of the freshly rolled-out NBN broadband services, although this will also require additional hardware.

Most RSP’s (Retail Service Providers) will supply this equipment by providing a new router and telephony devices as needed.

As always, for more in-depth advice about this option and whether you are in an area that can take advantage of it, please call Internet Monster today so that one of our team of Internet Brokers can update you concerning the latest NBN reviews that we have available, find out the correct information and compare NBN plans from a wide selection of companies finding you the one that might be best applied to your situation.

Other Fibre Network Provider

Other Fibre Network Providers

In a small number of cases, before making NBN comparisons it is worth checking to see if your current internet and landline set-up might be provided by an independent individual or another account holder.

This is usually due to a landlord, property owner, or separate network administration (such as Health, Government or Educational networks) and is not usually owned or operated by one of the larger companies that offer internet packages and may have their own provision set in place to begin using a new NBN business plan.

These provisions should not have a disruption to their current services but feel free to make a free call to Internet Monster if you would like to have a professional check your situation and look into how NBN availability in your area may affect your internet access and telephone services.

Foxtel Subscribers

Foxtel Subscribers

If you are on a subscription package that makes use of the Foxtel Pay TV via satellite or a current cable service, this will not be disconnected as the NBN deadline continues across the country.

For customers that use the internet to provide any Foxtel TV accessibility such as via; gaming consoles, PC browser, tablets, smart TV or other connected devices that allow for this service, it is worth finding out if your current services may be affected by not meeting Foxtel’s advice on their minimum requirements for this to continue uninterrupted.

How long before I'm disconnected?

The initial plan for the NBN availability was for it to be rolled out across areas, region-by-region over a relatively short timeframe.

This is known as the RRFSD (or Region Ready for Service Date) and was initiated by NBN Co, who notified those affected with an NBN Disconnection Date, although certain locations have been provided with an extra six months before NBN availability is to take over and this comes into effect.

Many are also describing this process as the Migration Window, during which time all of the older and outdated copper-wired systems would be transferred across to the NBN network, should the original Internet Service Provider wish to continue their services to the customer.

Some of these original providers have been offering wholesale consumers with notices and reports at the time of the NBN rollout, providing them with a Migration Window with dates to identify those customers who may be affected by disconnection from their original internet services before the NBN deadline.

Internet Monster knows that this practice can still make things somewhat confusing for existing and new customers alike, so for clear answers about how and when this may alter your internet services call us today and speak to one of our advisors for a free chat about the way that you will be affected by the NBN disconnection of your old internet services and the latest information about how and when these changes will come into effect.

The original date for the NBN broadband rollout to be finalised was initially planned for June 2021, with the addition of fixed-wireless and satellite connections being in place already by 2015.

Things did slow down and fall behind schedule as early as 2013, so the completion of the network has been delayed on several fronts. There is no stopping it though, especially with the money and infrastructure that has already been committed to the NBN rollout.

Many areas have already had their previous services disconnected to make way for access to the new NBN wireless systems to take over, with the latest figures suggesting that the very last places to have their existing services permanently disconnected and terminated by the NBN deadline will be at the very end of 2019.

This is a rolling schedule, however, and it is important to keep in mind that many other states and locations will be looking at this happening in a much faster timeframe, making it all the more important to compare NBN plans now.

For the latest up-to-date information on when and how your household may be affected by the NBN deadline and if you are asking "what about NBN in my area?", give Internet Monster a call and we can provide more specific facts on how this will change your existing internet services in regard to the latest NBN availability in your state.


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No More Landlines

Remember that with an NBN connection you will no longer be provided with a normal home landline and it is certainly something worth considering if you are not quite ready to cut that link to old-school home telephone options and replace it with one of the modern NBN ready alternatives available to you today.

It could be that you are comfortable with the replacement services that are offered via apps and devices, such as; WhatsApp, Viber, or the more established Facebook and Skype services that many of us have become familiar with over the last few years and that offer a cheap, easy-to-use substitute to traditional landline telephones.

Many replacement services that can be used across an NBN wireless plans offer unlimited calls via the use of your NBN internet connection, as well as provide video-call facilities, which are all but commonplace these days.

Some NBN providers can provide VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) services using the NBN network, which offers higher quality service but is also worth noting that it requires specific hardware such as a VoIP ready router to function.

If this seems like an option that will provide you with services suiting your needs, call us at Internet Monster so that we can also check on it when comparing NBN providers and investigate what VoIP options they can offer, as well as looking into the many smaller NBN service providers that can also deliver these alternatives.

Levels of NBN Technical Support

Often an afterthought, especially with the huge number of NBN price plans, NBN speed tiers, and other factors, the levels, and quality of customer support and technical assistance should also be an important factor definitely worth considering when looking to compare NBN providers that suit the requirements that you will be asking of them.

While everything can be fine when it all works well, the true test of customer service provided by those considered the top NBN providers can be put to the test when something breaks down or stops working the way that it is supposed to. Then, dependant on your own levels of technical ability this can make the world of difference when it comes to the vital assistance that you may require when attempting to get everything up and running again.

We hate to say it but we all become acutely aware of how important a stable and constant internet connection is, and how often we rely on it when the wheels fall off!


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NBN Complaints

Despite the benefits that a high-speed internet service will provide consumers and businesses throughout Australia, there have also been some issues for many early adopters during the process of getting their new NBN connection operational. Most notably have been the advertised and publicised network speeds that this system was initially stated as being capable of.

For some users, these speeds have not matched the promises that the NBN network was primarily created to deliver. Having NBN availability in your home has been claimed to provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but there have been reports suggesting that connection rates of 50 Mbps have been much more common for a large number of users.

In some cases, delays to the NBN rollout has also created other concerns and there have been several interruptions to the connection dates and the migration window that was planned to allow for the disconnection of existing web services in favour of the new NBN internet plans.

Internet Monster can also provide assistance for customers that have already signed up to an NBN provider and look at a broad selection of them to compare NBN providers and their options against other competitive deals that are being advertised, as well as giving advice for those wishing to complain about the NBN plan that they are currently on which they feel is not performing as promised.

* We do not compare all internet providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.


If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $100 for your internet. So now you can get a better deal on your internet with 100% peace of mind. Internet Monster is a 100% FREE SERVICE!

Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee. Further break fees may be incurred, however if it's due to poor service we suggest you speak to the telecommunication ombudsman. In this case, you are often free to leave with no costs for termination if the service is found to be poor quality. Terms and conditions

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