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About Us

Internet Monster - Who are we?

Internet Monster provides a Free Service for Consumers & Businesses looking for a better deal on their broadband package.

There are already vast amounts of different price plans and options available to customers hoping to compare internet provider offers based on their old broadband contract, but with the rollout of the NBN network, there are now even more alternatives for consumers to consider.

But that is what we are here for; we are always searching our internet and broadband partners, checking out reviews and any other available information we have to seek out the greatest deals and savings on your behalf.

Who wants to pay more for their Internet than they have to?
Broadband comparison can be made in 3 simple steps with Internet Monster... This means getting a better deal on your existing home or business broadband plan, is super easy when you give us a call. Why waste time searching the web or looking through different options when trying to compare cheap internet plans, when we can do that for you right now.

And the best part?... Internet Monster is a FREE SERVICE!

Who can select their Internet Service Provider?

Across Australia, most broadband customers are free to choose their own Internet Service Provider (ISP). This has created a competitive market for customers of broadband companies. However, many homes and businesses are still signed up to older internet plans – these are often standard packages, featuring no special offers or discounts and as a result are not competitive at all.

Often, this also usually means that customers are paying more than they need to. With the number of companies competing for your custom, it makes sense to shop around every year or so to see what is available to you.

For customers who do this and take advantage of Internet Monster’s FREE service, often find dramatically lower prices; and packages that are a much better fit for their specific internet usage. It is rare for your ISP to call you and offer their best rate or cheapest deal, even if you have been a long-time customer.

Sadly, loyalty alone doesn't always ensure that you get the best deal.

So how do I find a better deal on my broadband?

One simple answer... Call Internet Monster!

Why waste your own precious time calling up the many different internet providers and searching their websites to hunt for a great deal. Internet Monster works hard to seek out market leading offers and great promotional deals for you to snap up in a matter of minutes. In just a few easy steps, you can discover a fantastic rate for your home or business.

How can we manage this ourselves? Easy – as a professional comparison service we have some more sway with our Internet and Broadband partners than single individual customers might have. We are always happy to go to bat for you, and put in the legwork so that our customers can save their valuable time and money.

The team @ electricity monster

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