How do I find the best internet provider?

As we outlined in the section; “How to find the best broadband plans”, here at Internet Monster we know that for many of us the future internet plans that will eventually become available using the new NBN network may be some way off, especially with slipping deadlines and less accessibility than initially expected being reported in some cases.

This makes it even more important to ensure that you are using a suitable internet plan in the meantime, and it is still relevant to search for the best internet provider to supply your current internet connection while still waiting on the rollout of NBN in your area.

So if you are looking for the best internet providers in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia or

Tasmania, we are always here to make sure that we can compare the very best options and reviews available to us about the top internet providers on the market who are still advertising ADSL or VDSL internet plans to homes and businesses across Australia.

There are different Internet Service Providers (ISP's) available in each municipality, so whether your nearest city is; Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra or the Gold Coast, when you are looking for a fast internet provider our dedicated team do all of the hard work for you and search out for a tailored internet connection from our lists of fantastic internet providers, and find something to suit the needs that you and your home or business will make of the perfect Internet plans


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Internet Monster - Internet Service Providers

February 2018
The information below explores some of the basic details concerning some of the largest Internet Service Providers currently offering plans to Australian consumers, some are limited by the city or state that you live in so it is important to start with the fundamentals when you first begin the process of comparing residential broadband plans or are looking for cheaper business internet options.


A provider that is owned by the larger Telstra, Belong offers a range of simpler broadband options for those looking to swap their current connection or start a new one.

  • Simple and clear pricing options usually split between 100gb and Unlimited data use
  • 12 month and per-month alternatives (monthly fees and set up costs apply)
  • Has performed well in various customer surveys
  • Line rental not included but is offered as an “add-on” to standard tariff


Despite being one of the few companies that actually offers a whole range of consumer utilities that includes gas and electricity supply to businesses and residents they have also been gaining a reputation as one of the cheapest providers on the market at the moment.

  • Some of the cheapest options available for internet plans
  • Cheaper options do not include Landline rental but this can be included for an additional fee
  • Fetch TV bundles are also available on selected tariffs

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iiNet has become a well-known alternative for those looking to compare Australian Broadband providers who are currently on the market and has offered various “Fetch Set-Top Box” packages for those customers who can be enticed by streaming and data-free allowances for an additional monthly fee.

  • Part of the iiNet/TGP family
  • Home broadband options normally offered at around $60 per month
  • iiNet cable broadband only available in Geelong, Mildura and Ballarat
  • Fetch entertainment add-on options


Still operating as a stand-alone broadband provider, Internode was purchased by iiNet back in 2011 and while it does operate as an independent company many of its offers are very similar to the options that iiNet also offers consumers.

  • Provides a series of very fast ADSL2+ broadband deals
  • Costs are usually advertised starting at around $60 per month, with additional fees for unlimited data
  • Being part of the iiNet group customers can also find “Fetch Set-Top Box” add-ons that allow for unlimited streaming for a nominal fee
  • One of the first companies to offer ADSL2+ options to consumers


Along with the previously mentioned Dodo, iPrimus is another company that is operated by the Vocus Communications Group – although they are also run as an independent brand. This is where the similarities end however, as iPrimus offers a host of different alternatives in broadband packages from Dodo and has its own distinctly different Internet options.

  • Unlimited data options are available with cheaper monthly costs than many competitors
  • All plans include home landline phone provision
  • Fetch TV/Entertainment option is also available via iPrimus bundles


As one of the newer internet providers, MyRepublic is offering a selection of new NBN options but also customers that are on a “naked DSL” package or connection at the moment and offer the facility for consumers still rocking an ADSL bundle to be connected automatically and hassle free to an comparable NBN Provider when it is time for the big switch across to the Australian National Broadband Network.

  • An established provider that was one of the first to support the NBN rollout in Singapore
  • Options for 4 separate speed tiers with a range of prices that reflect the different speeds available
  • Able to provide hardware that works on both ADSL2+ plans and NBN options
  • Contracts that have no lock in options for an additional monthly fee.


One of the giant operators in the world of Australian Internet Providers, Optus is a familiar name to most people looking into their broadband options and has been rated highly in the past for both network facilities and customer satisfaction.

  • Newly launched "simpler" price-plans that offer monthly packages with unlimited data
  • Provides options for those customers looking for entertainment packages
  • Base options often require a 24 month contract
  • Options for "no contract" available for additional set up fees


This is the big one... Currently, the largest Australian telecommunications company operating in the market. This also results in the home and business broadband options that Telstra advertise being a bit more expensive that some of the other plans and providers that we have already covered, but they are still known for providing the largest range of alternative entertainment options out there.

  • Add-ons for NRL and AFL game passes, allowing streaming of live matches to your phone or tablet
  • Cheapest options usually only allow for 100GB of data
  • Higher plans with a more costly fee per month provide unlimited data usage
  • Telstra are the biggest and considered by many as the most established Australian ISP


Another one of the big players for consumers shopping for a competitive broadband package, TPG offers a fairly wide range of different bundles, price plans and add-ons for existing customers looking to swap supplier or those in the market for a brand new connection.

  • Data allowance options tend to start at 100GB for a lower monthly cost
  • Unlimited alternatives are also available for an additional fee
  • IPTV with every ADSL plan – TGP’s own media player that allows certain TV channels to be streamed via your computer for no additional monthly fees


Originally Westnet was a service aimed at providing Internet options to Western Australia only (their name is the give-away), but more recently their services have also been made available to most other areas across the east coast and around Australia as a whole.

  • Another company that is operated independently but is part of the iiNet family
  • Has topped the "internet table" reviews and reputation for the last two years
  • Westnet built a solid reputation for customer service and satisfaction while their services were only made available to Western residents and are hoping to build on this across Australia

* We do not compare all internet providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.


If for any reason, after 6 months you are not happy with the retailer we switched you to, then we will set you up with any other retailer of your choosing from our panel and reimburse your exit fees where applicable up to $100 for your internet. So now you can get a better deal on your internet with 100% peace of mind. Internet Monster is a 100% FREE SERVICE!

Up to $100 protection peace of mind guarantee. Further break fees may be incurred, however if it's due to poor service we suggest you speak to the telecommunication ombudsman. In this case, you are often free to leave with no costs for termination if the service is found to be poor quality. Terms and conditions

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