Benjamin Tom

Editor | Utility Specialist


Alumni of California State University of Northridge

Specialty Areas:

  • Internet Plan Comparison

  • Business Internet Solutions

  • 4G & 5G Plans

  • NBN, Fixed Wireless & Opticomm Plans

  • Internet Provider Analysis

Benjamin is a utility specialist passionate about creating informative content about the energy, internet, and solar markets. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Benjamin drives our unique blog posts, articles, and reviews. He is focused on breaking down the technical jargon so our readers can better understand the telco market and industry. Whether he is comparing the latest internet deals or creating unique guides, Benjamin takes great pride in creating helpful, easy-to-read content.

Benjamin is also dedicated to providing internet customers with tips on how to save money. With a passion for both content marketing and telecommunications, he wants to help Australians put more money back into their pockets. 

Benjamin’s goal is to help Monster Group become a go-to resource for customers who want to save more on utility bills. He understands how complicated the internet market can be, which is why he emphasises a reader-friendly, unbiased approach in every piece he writes.

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