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At Internet Monster, we aim to offer unbiased, informative content to our readers. With a deep-seated commitment to empowering consumers through every piece that we create, our readers can expect quality-driven articles and a diverse range of topics.

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 Benjamin T.

Utility Specialist

Benjamin is a utility specialist who specialises in energy, internet, and solar. With a background in content marketing and a passion for helping Australians save money, Benjamin is on a mission to help residents and business owners make informed choices regarding their utilities.

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Janerie Ann E.

Research Analyst

Janerie is a research analyst who specialises in data management. With a keen eye for detail and a background in research, Janerie plays a pivotal role in keeping our database active and up-to-date.

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Rowela A.

Research Analyst

Rowela is a research analyst who specialises in data analysis and management. She is passionate about working in the energy and internet industry. With a background in data analysis, Rowela plays a key part in updating our data.

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Joyce P.

Research Analyst

Joyce is an experienced research analyst who specialises in data analysis. She manages our database and ensures it is kept up to date.

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Terese Jeanne E.

Research Analyst

Terese is a research analyst who specialises in capturing data. With a background in data management, she works closely with our content marketing team to ensure each published page has the appropriate plan rates and prices.

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Kris June F.

Content Designer

Kris is an experienced content designer who focuses on assisting the content team and research team. He also plays a significant role in shaping our brand’s narrative by guiding our content initiatives and adding key plan data provided by our research team.

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