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Internet Monster provides a free NBN plans comparison website for its costumers and businesses. You can compare NBN plans Brisbane easily and get connected fast. NBN is being rolled out throughout Australia and so we have designed this system for our costumers & businesses looking for a better deal or to improve their internet speed with a technology upgrade, such as the NBN.


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a project commissioned by the Australian Government to upgrade the internet speed in the country to match with the major countries around the globe. This major plan involves laying of high fibre internet cable lines throughout major cities around Australia. The plan involves connecting around 93% of the Australian population with high speed NBN internet connection by 2021.


The major advantage of using NBN internet connection will be its high speed that will allow individuals sitting at home or offices to upload and download files, data, movies, images etc at a very high speed. The projected internet speed that NBN will deliver is above 100Mbps. Currently the ADSL and ADSL2+ technology provides an internet speed of 6mbps to 20mbps max which is very less as compared to the new technology that is being introduced by the government.


Internet Monster is not just a internet connection comparison website; you can call us and get an expert advice and compare NBN plans Brisbane & then sign up directly with us for your internet connection on the phone. Usually saving you time and money…! No need to call the internet providers yourself, you can sign up directly with us, getting your internet connection sorted has never been so easy.